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Separate colour and Tone.
Total control.

Get inside your images
Lobster works in Adobe Photoshop™ to divide your RGB file into 4 separate layers of Luminosity (or Tonality) and Chromaticity.

This gives you unprecedented accuracy and flexibility when editing RGB files in many different areas. Please read Exercises in Curves to verify this.

Lobster’s four unique layers allow you to “divide and conquer” your RGB image editing in ways you may have never seen before.

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Important: Lobster does not yet support Lion (OS X 10.7). Lobster 2.5 will be a free update.
Buy and Download Lobster 2.4:
Mac OS X or Windows, Photoshop CS2-CS5, 64-bit supported
for only US$99!
Requires Mac OS X 10.4.x+ or Windows XP+, Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5.

CS5: Lobster 2.4 is required for CS5 support.

Or Download The Lobster 2.4 Demo for CS2-CS5:
 Mac Version (1.5Mb - Option-click or right-click and Save As File... - Lobster folder will be on your Desktop)
 Windows Version (1.3Mb - Right-click and Save As File... - extract the zip file, run the installer, Lobster and a READ ME will appear on your desktop)

Lobster leaves your original image untouched and works on a copy. The demo version reduces the copy of your image to 600px wide, but otherwise matches the full version of Lobster.

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Image of a sample Layers palette after the Lobster process.

Make Photoshop Sing
Lobster extends and fine tunes the use of many of Adobe Photoshop's most important image editing tools as they interact with your RGB files.
Lobster's power ranges from providing 100% accuracy (RGB Curves and Levels) to new options for colour editing.
If you believe you can already achieve these things without Lobster, Main Features of Lobster will help explain!

Total Control, It's Your Image
The composite RGB values of the Lobster layers remain the EXACTLY the same as your original - until you begin your Luminosity and Chromaticity editing.
This claim can be verified by readings from the Info palette set to 8 bit per channel readout.
This is true for even the brightest and most saturated of RGB values – you should attempt to verify this on any other product that claims to duplicate Lobster. We have not found one yet!
Please note Lobster works with 8 and 16 bit RGB files only.

More Information ... What does Lobster do?

About Lobster
Lobster's development is based on many years of professional photographic experience and intimate knowledge of Photoshop and colour theory.

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These conditions apply to all further references to these names on this web site.

Please note: If you follow the Lobster Manual recommendations, Lobster will not damage your image. We have every confidence in the Lobster operation, but can take no responsibility for any changes to your images from the Lobster process, or any assumptions you make about the results.

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